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The Errors of Augustine

As I have said before, there are those who think Augustine was the most brilliant thinker of the Christian Church. I beg to differ. I would say that at best, he was imaginative, creating a lot of doctrines that have misdirected the Western Church for centuries. Continue reading

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So, what do you want from Christianity?

Here’s an interesting question: What do you want from Christianity? A long time ago I heard someone describing becoming a Christian as an act of “enlightened self-interest,” where we are motivated by what we hope to get out of it … Continue reading

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What it means to be blessed

I grew up in a church who read from the Gospels each week (along with a passage from the Epistles, and the Old Testament). Sermons were sometimes based on the Epistles, but I seem to recall more coming from the … Continue reading

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Take off the blinders

A New Law Don’t teach me about politics and Government Just tell me who to vote for Don’t teach me about truth and beauty Just label my music Don’t teach me how to live like a free man Just give … Continue reading

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