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The Errors of Augustine

As I have said before, there are those who think Augustine was the most brilliant thinker of the Christian Church. I beg to differ. I would say that at best, he was imaginative, creating a lot of doctrines that have misdirected the Western Church for centuries. Continue reading

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The Perils of Augustine

Augustine, born 354 in what is now Algeria, was a theologian who could be called the father of the Western Church. At least I will call him that. For many in the west, he is held in high regard, in … Continue reading

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Exploring the Twain 2

In the first post in this series, I introduced my thesis that Western theology is so tainted by a number of influences that did not affect the Eastern Church that the best way to evaluate Western theology is to start … Continue reading

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Augustine was a trouble-maker

Augustine ultimately attempted to weld together philosophical motions of the divine essence to the tenets of the Christian faith and, in so doing, allowed the content of Christian faith to be determined by the logic of philosphical rationalism.  The rationalization … Continue reading

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