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One Gospel — it’s what Christmas is all about

From a Reformation Day sermon, as posted by Paul McCain: The different ways people read God’s Word are not merely variations on a theme but radically different Gospels.  The Reformation of Luther is not about competing interpretations but about the … Continue reading

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New at The Gospel Uncensored

Gospel Certainty I’ve had the following quotation by Martin Luther open on my desktop for the past couple of weeks, thanks to my friend Steve: “Let us thank God, therefore, that we have been delivered from this monster of uncertainty … Continue reading

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Even in the Darkest Moments

For children, as you may recall, the world is a very unsettling place. Parents often take the place of God for children, which is one of the reasons I believe God invented them. Parents model God to their children. Parents, … Continue reading

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From Luther, With Love

Growing up Lutheran, I was well acquainted with Martin Luther. As I’ll talk about a bit later, he has always been one of my heroes. Luther, like many Roman Catholics of his day (not to mention most contemporary evangelicals), was … Continue reading

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