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Why worship?

I read a very interesting post this weekend at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength that challenges the very core of contemporary church life: worship. If you attend a contemporary-style church, chances are you know that it’s all about the worship.  … Continue reading

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Abba does not mean “daddy,” okay?

Justified cringing Being raised in a formal, liturgical church, I’ve always been uncomfortable with the current fad of calling God “Daddy.” In fact, I cringe every time I hear it. I used to think this was my own issue, but … Continue reading

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10 reasons to [not] attend church

I found this post by Kurt Onken today at the Wittenberg Trail, and thought it was worth referencing. The socially-palatable, seeker over-sensitive church has no future.  This may appear to some to show that Christianity is losing ground.  However, I … Continue reading

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Webber: The Divine Embrace 9: What now?

The final chapter in Webber’s The Divine Embrace is entitled Life Together, which is, of course, where all this ends, in church. One of my repeated critiques of a contemporary church experience is that it is essentially existential, focusing on the … Continue reading

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