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FAQ—What is my new book about?

What is my upcoming book, “Unboxing God—An Unevangelical Guide to Christianity,” about?  For a long time, I’ve had thoughts and questions about certain things about Christianity that didn’t fit in with the evangelical—or even protestant—understanding of things. As I began … Continue reading

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The Perils of Augustine

Augustine, born 354 in what is now Algeria, was a theologian who could be called the father of the Western Church. At least I will call him that. For many in the west, he is held in high regard, in … Continue reading

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The God Who Isn’t

I am going to start out with a statement that may cause some of you to scratch their heads: Many Christians believe the same things about God that many atheists do. The problem is that western theology tends to build … Continue reading

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The Blessings

There’s one thing I need to clear up before I actually post what I’m about to post.  Although I currently use a drawing of Martin Luther as my Facebook photo and tend to quote Luther on occasion, I am not … Continue reading

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