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So, what do you want from Christianity?

Here’s an interesting question: What do you want from Christianity? A long time ago I heard someone describing becoming a Christian as an act of “enlightened self-interest,” where we are motivated by what we hope to get out of it … Continue reading

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Ironic repentance vs. the real deal

There are people in every church I’ve been in who need to be set free. This is not to say that some of these churches didn’t preach grace. But sometimes, it just takes a while for grace to seep in … Continue reading

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Forgiveness is an Investment

(cross-posted here) A great post today from Molly Friesen at Route 5:9, Forgiveness is an Investment: What it Costs. She’s blogging through Paul Tripp’s book on marriage, What Did You Expect. This, and Linda’s prior post,  The Dark “Benefits” of … Continue reading

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A Knight’s Tale: A Parable of Justification

Here’s a short excerpt from the book I am writing: Possibly the best illustration of this aspect of justification is in the 2001 film A Knight’s Tale, starring Heath Ledger as William, a thatcher’s son who takes on the totally … Continue reading

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