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Ironic repentance vs. the real deal

There are people in every church I’ve been in who need to be set free. This is not to say that some of these churches didn’t preach grace. But sometimes, it just takes a while for grace to seep in … Continue reading

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An Orthodox view of Salvation

My friend Duncan posted the following video on Facebook this evening.  It’s worth watching, whatever your theological background; it’s especially worth watching if you’ve no familiarity with Eastern Orthodoxy. I have a very deep respect and appreciation for Eastern Orthodoxy, … Continue reading

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Luther on Salvation

Since God has taken my salvation out of my hands into his, making it depend on his choice and not mine, and has promised to save me, not by my own work or exertion but by his grace and mercy, … Continue reading

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Is salvation really free?

Marlene Winell makes a very interesting point today on the Debunking Christianity blog: I’ve thought that there is a fundamental contradiction in the evangelical message of salvation because, according to them, it is NOT Christ’s atoning death that saves you, … Continue reading

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