The Geek Gospel

Today over at one of my favorite Lutheran blogs, Pastoral Meanderings, Pastor Peters presents the Gospel as told by one of the youth in his church (the image is his, too):

You see it’s like your computer.  Everything works fine at first.  Then a virus hits you and nothing works right.  It’s slow.  You get error messages.  So you  kill it with an anti-virus and it is fixed but it is not like it was.  It won’t be perfect until you reformat the hard drive.  God made everything and it worked.  Then the Satan virus infected us.  It was our fault because we clicked “yes” when the pop-up appeared.  But we could not fix it.  Jesus is the anti-virus who God sent to clean it up.  But we won’t be perfect until we are reformated in the resurrection…

This is actually one of the best analogies I think I have heard.  Of course, you Mac people will claim you can’t relate, being geek Pelagians

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