“I had no idea the gospel was this wonderful…”

As some of you know, I was raised Lutheran. Although I haven’t attended a Lutheran church in 30 years other than to visit (for a number of reasons I won’t go into here), I am still a big fan of Martin Luther, and read a few good Lutheran blogs (along with a mix of Orthodox and Evangelical blogs).  Today, Paul McCain reprints a letter from a Southern Baptist woman who has also been reading his blog. She writes,

I have to say that when I read your posts, I am often convicted of my sinful state, yet I also hear that Christ died for all of that. Being a southern Baptist all my life, I had no idea that the gospel really was this wonderful.

Wow. Who would have thought? Now, I don’t know much about Southern Baptists and I don’t mean to single them out. All I know is that this woman was raised in the evangelical church, and “had no idea that the gospel really was this wonderful.”

That is the reason I worked so hard on The Gospel Uncensored, which should be available in a week or 2. It’s good stuff, because the Gospel really is this wonderful.

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