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Some of the spam comments I get on this blog (and I get many, many spam comments…) are quite funny.  Too bad I can’t quote them – I try to keep this a PG-rated blog.  How in the world do … Continue reading

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On the Impossibility of Mulltiple Universes and Realities

Since LOST, Fringe and Star Trek (not to mention Obamacare) have everybody talking about multiple universes and realities, I thought this post by Cornelius Hunter was timely (and besides, it’s a good read). It got me thinking:  If there are … Continue reading

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I am “The Architect”

I am “The Architect” – at least according to Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs.  I ran across an online Jung Typology Test, aka the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment.  Being the test I took this time didn’t refer to Myers-Briggs, I’m … Continue reading

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The best spam comment I ever received

I get hundreds of spam comments on this blog every week. Sometimes I look through them… I’ve found one or 2 real ones that got caught for some reason or other.  Most spam comments are meaningless, others are stupid. This … Continue reading

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