On the Impossibility of Mulltiple Universes and Realities

Since LOST, Fringe and Star Trek (not to mention Obamacare) have everybody talking about multiple universes and realities, I thought this post by Cornelius Hunter was timely (and besides, it’s a good read).

It got me thinking:  If there are universes out there where every potentiality is a reality, then there must be universes where evolution happened the way “science” believes it did.  There are also universes, then, where it didn’t.  There must be universes, then, where there is not only a God, but a God which created the world in 6 days (and others in which He created the world in six “periods” of indeterminate length).

I, however, fail to accept that there are any universes in which Calvinism is true; the premise of multiverse theory is that the realities must have potentiality in the original universe. (It’s a joke … think about it.)

If multiverse theory is correct, this means that:

  • Ours may not be the original universe, but a “splinter” reality only moments old. How would we know?
  • If the God of one universe is, in fact, infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent, then He is outside of all universes.
  • If an omnipotent God exists in one universe, then He must exist in all universes.
  • Atheism, then, is not a potential reality in any universe.
  • There are no universes in which God does not exist.
  • If there is a God in one universe, the potential for universes in which evolution and atheism are true ceases to exist.
  • Multiverse theory would seem to collapse with the potential that God exists.
  • Therefore, it seems that multiverse theory has failed, leaving only this universe in which God exists.

So, in the event that multiverse theory is correct, multiverse theory is impossible.

It would seem, that multiverse theory is either incorrect, or impossible.  What does this mean for LOST, Fringe and Star Trek?

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5 Responses to On the Impossibility of Mulltiple Universes and Realities

  1. I am actually curious about what you mean here, Fred.

  2. How so Fred? Is a belief a concrete structure? Defend your statement, please. A meme is a cultural concept, even a gene is not a distinct entity but a description of an allele.

    We live in a symbolic, abstract world.

    And I have already gotten into the scientific literature of the 21st century. Catch up, man!

  3. Fred says:

    “Beliefs are independent of reality.”

    Apparently Mike has stopped reading the more recent scientific literature—that being anything written in the 20th century.

  4. Okay, okay, okay. I know you are having a bit of fun here, but your second proposition is a big, undemonstrated “if” and the rest of your syllogism falls apart pretty quickly without it. Especially the whole “atheism” part. Atheism is a demonstrated reality (your looking at it, sir.)

    Beliefs are independent of reality, they are positions on abstract concepts and presuppositions.

    BTW – courtesy Greta Christina

    “Atheism is not the absolute certainty that there is no God. It’s the willingness to move forward with the reasonable conclusion that there is almost certainly no God — even though we can never be absolutely sure about it, and even though we understand that if new evidence for God appears we’ll have to change our minds.”

  5. I don’t know why I feel compelled to invoke Douglas Adams all of a sudden.

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