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Feel a Change Comin’ On – New from Bob Dylan

Sheer Brilliance…

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The Jesus Christ Show? What blasphemy!

Has anyone heard of this?  I was scanning the AM dial during my drive between churches this morning (from St Paul’s Episcopal to Salem Evangelical) and stumbled across this guy conducting a call-in show pretending that he was Jesus.  The … Continue reading

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The Lutheran Liturgy, Pt. 4

As indicated in the title, this is my 4th in a series on the old Lutheran Liturgy, from the 1958 Service Book & Hymnal that I grew up with.   As I explained in the first post in the series, I’ve … Continue reading

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I forgot the Kyrie! Lutheran Liturgy pt. 3

I realized the other day that in my haste to get to the Gloria in Excelsis, I skipped right over the Kyrie!    In the 1958 SB&H, they kept the old titles, and I find it interesting that they are a … Continue reading

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