5 thoughts on “Over 300 disproofs of God’s existence”

  1. Thanks for the link / glad you enjoyed.

    I share your distress that so many Christians are closet (or not-so-closet) dualists. They don’t seem to “get” the incarnation …

    Take care & God bless

  2. Wow – those are convincing! Confirms my atheism for sure. But, they are strangely familiar. They are actually from an old list compiled by a pseudonymous ” Budokka,” from alt.atheism, the newsgroup. They were orginalluy comopiled in 1995 and were actually “arguments for the existence of God.” Whoever posted this, cleverly reversed the arguments as stupid atheist arguments.

    The tell tale signature is “Boatright’s argument.” John Boatwright (get it? Noah!) was a weird troll at alt.atheism who had some strange arguments involving the vapor canopy and the outer solar system. Google the name.

    These make much more sense if you read the originals.

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