Whatever happened to Christmas?

A few days ago I discovered this song, written by Jimmy Webb, that has recently been recorded by Aimee Mann. It had been recorded by Frank Sinatra a few years back, but I’d never heard that version, probably because it’s kind of a depressing song. Not something you hear on the “all Christmas” radio stations. But, I found the lyrics rather interesting. It’s apparently meant as mourning a failed relationship, but I think it could have other interpretations:

Whatever happened to Christmas? It’s gone and left no traces,
Whatever happened to the faces or the glow.
Whatever happened to Christmas, to Christmas way of living?
Whatever happened to the giving, the magic in the snow?
Remember the sights and the smells and the sounds,
And remember how love was all around, whatever happened to it all?
Whatever happened to Christmas, bells in the streets are ringing,
Whatever happened to the singing, the songs we used to know.
Where was I, and whatever happened to you?
Whatever happened to Christmas and you?

Something to think about, especially if you’ve lost touch with your childhood…

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