Yay! I made it!

Last night I took the plunge and moved this site over to Dreamhost, and upgraded WordPress at the same time. I’m sure I didn’t do it exactly right (for some reason I had to import the database twice), but everything’s apparently here.  I had a few moments of frustration and angst trying to figure out the directions and then do it differently, but with Elliot’s help and some sheer willpower, I completed it about 1 AM.

I still have to mess with some of the plugins and settings, as the backup I had that included the settings was incompatible for some reason.

If you see anything amiss, please let me know in a comment (I also moved my e-mail accounts, and haven’t quite worked all of the bugs out yet).

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  1. admin says:

    I noticed that my links didn’t make the migration… oh well, it was probably time to redo them anyway. I will hopefully restore them today. If I’ve missed yours, let me know.

    p.s. I will slowly be switching over to a new e-mail address, alden (at) aldenswan.com.

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