The Ehrman Project

A number of well-known theologians, including folks such as D.A. Carson, Ben Witherington, Craig Evans, and Alvin Plantinga, have contributed video responses to many issues raised by Bart Ehrman (who I have mentioned before), to The Ehrman Project, a website whose sole purpose is to address these issues.

The site is well put-together, with specific responses to each of Ehrman’s books. There is also a resource page with links to numerous articles addressing these issues.

On one hand, I’m not sure Ehrman is worth the trouble. However, his books have proven fairly popular, and most people do not have the background or understanding with which to judge Ehrman’s claims. So, this site should prove to be a very helpful resource, especially as—as Erhman himself states—none of these thoughts are new or unique to Erhman.

Here’s a short intro video from the site (it appears the videos are also available on YouTube):

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