Status update

This is just a short post to let my faithful readers know I haven’t lost interest in the blog or dropped off the face of the earth.   The last couple of weeks have been consumed with home improvement projects and Christmas. While I fully intended to post my next in the “Exploring the Twain” series during the holidays, I expect it will be a few days before that gets done.

Another excuse is that I was given G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy for Christmas, and it has more or less preempted my other reading plans.  Why haven’t I read this book before?  Chesterton is amazing… my New Year’s resolution will probably be to read more of him.  So, don’t be surprised to see something Chesterton-inspired soon.

But, I promise – I’ll get back to my look at Eastern Orthodoxy and “the Twain.”

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2 Responses to Status update

  1. Dennis Popek says:

    I’ve stumbled across your site by way of Google. I was pondering the scriptures, and became thoughtful of the law being written on our hearts. After a search, I found your writings on, and was elated. I was wondering if you have expanded on this subject any, or possibly updated the article since 1996.

  2. Steve Martin says:

    I think you do a great job here, Alden.

    I apologize for not checking in as often as I used to.

    My new job really wears me out and when I get home I’m so exhausted I don’t even feel like reading or doing anything but vegging out.

    Keep up the good, though. I still love your blog!

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