Stability in an unstable world

This is a pretty cool video about a growing Lutheran church in Tulsa (yes, Lutherans in Tulsa!).

One aspect of liturgical worship I keep coming back to is intentionality.  Many contemporary churches are blown to and fro, if not by “every wind of doctrine,” by every faddish worship concept.  It’s one thing to be “culturally relevant,” it’s another thing to lose hold of the gospel to gain market share.  Liturgy is grounded in nearly 2000 years of theology and tradition; it’s about as intentional as you can get.  And, reciting words written in the 3rd and 4th centuries certainly keeps you grounded in historical truth.

Another interesting thing pointed out by one of the people interviewed is that everybody does the same thing in worship; it is a true corporate experience rather than the “do your own thing” approach that promotes individuality rather than unity.

Thanks to Paul McCain for this.

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