So walk

So walk
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“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I don’t know if this is true or not, but there is something about walking that encourages thinking for the sake of thinking. I suspect it really is the physical act of walking in itself that awakens the brain; perhaps it’s because walking is such an automatic act, it requires little thought on its own. Also, the physical activity increases the heart beat, oxygen intake, and so on.

There’s also the visual input that causes the brain to have to process, at least at some level, the information coming in. Trees, houses, traffic, road conditions, trash – it all works in ways that we don’t realize to exercise the brain.

Living in Oregon, in the cold, gray dampness that seems to last forever, much of my walking is done on a treadmill. If it’s not dark outside, I usually try to open the blinds to get some vew of the outdoors. Even if I’m left staring at the wall in front of me, walking encourages thinking.

I find that whether I’m feeling blessed, stressed, depressed or obsessed (like that?), when I’m walking, it gives my brain a chance to work things out.

It’s a good thing. So why don’t I do it more often?

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4 Responses to So walk

  1. Ken says:

    I liked your view on walking for the sake of walking, and thinking. I have to agree, and this also works as it relates to contracting. Usually the work I do is rather mindless once I get into it. (don’t tell anyone or I will have to charge a lot less for my time) I really like the things that to come to me during those times. Most of what I undersatnd to be true of God and insights into His word have been formed while swinging a hammer to tearing out a wall. Good observation. It’s true stuff.

  2. last of the dogmen says:

    After reading musehead’s rant on pets, it’s not a suprise he’s oblivious to “nature and stuff”. He’s totally oblivious to the fact that “nature and stuff” (said in my best peewee herman voice) keep him swimming in air and water… He probably idolizes Ronnie’s famous quote on the logging of California’s redwoods, “A tree is a tree. How many do you need to see?”.
    As I see it, your mission is not to reach the cyber masses… but to somehow get a man sized dose of Ritalin (sp.) down musehead’s throat, and to always be there to give him a man sized smack upside the head every time he starts playing air guitar, or mentally wanders about the oval office. Get off your treadmill! Start walking with musehead.
    Whew! I feel better already.

  3. me says:

    When I look at the photo above, it makes me want to walk the streets of Paris. In black & white.

    Maybe I’ll do that the next time I’m out walking- imagine I’m in Paris, walking down narrow, cobblestone streets, trying to avoid cab drivers who swear at you in French.

  4. MuseHead says:

    I walk mostly because I can’t run anymore and can’t afford a membership in a fitness club. But I don’t usually notice nature and stuff.

    When I’m strolling about I entertain delusions of grandeur. Sometimes I’m a great speaker; sometimes a kick-ass rock & roller; sometimes I’m a famous writer or even President of the United States. Generally my walks are venues for self-aggrandizement. That’s generally why I walk with a smile on my face.

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