On uniting the country

Andrew Sullivan has a great post today at The Daily Dish about Hillary Clinton and how she is universally distrusted. He seems to think that this is a bad thing.

However, I’m thinking that electing her as President could be just the thing to unite the country. How long has it been since we’ve had a president that nobody trusts? We might even get Congress to work together. Just imagine, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, standing shoulder to shoulder, voting as one … Lee Greenwood joining Green Day on stage… the thought gives me goosebumps.

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4 Responses to On uniting the country

  1. I think the two party system sucks, and if I had my druthers we would have a parliamentary system; so that if one party doesn’t have a majority of seats they have to work with the other parties in order to select a prime minister. Third parties have much more influence in that system. Here, with all of the moolah, and the propensity that people have to work for someone from their own party not because they like them but because the have the best chance to defeat the candidate from the party they really don’t like.

    And no one is happy with the results except for the big donors who get the best contracts.

  2. me says:

    Another reason why the 2-party system is failing…

  3. Hey, just a note here. Of course you know that if she gets the nomination (which would be par for the course considering the current state of the DNC) then I will be out doorknocking for Hillary. And I know that many Republicans will do the same for their candidate, having to hold their noses for a candidate that they secretly can’t abide.

  4. Hey, if Pat Robertson can be on a commercial with Bono, maybe your idea is not that far-fetched. Think if all the people that didn’t like Hillary were to do a Coke Commercial? Panorama wouldn’t be wide enough to hold the cast. They would have to shoot it from the Shuttle!

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