On censorship of the Gospel

It happens in ways you might not imagine.  From my post at TheGospelUncensored.com:

However, the unusual thing about the Gospel is that it is typically not censored in the Western world by removing anything. The Gospel is censored — suppressed and deleted — by adding to it.

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One Response to On censorship of the Gospel

  1. Fabrication appears to be at the heart of so many of our most crippling errors – Eve ‘adding’ to the instruction not to eat from the tree (“neither shall you touch it”) is the first clear example, and we’ve been applying the fig-leaves of our own pretensions of what we deem ‘right’ ever since, encouraging that manner of righteousness which is endemic of our ‘natural’ (bent inward) selves. The temptation is always to make something WE do become part of what counts, when the reality is that such ‘merits’ always take us further away from the ONLY saving work through God’s unmerited mercy, made ours in Christ.

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