Let’s not play politics with Iraq

Maybe the Democratic members of the House were right about the rather strange “immediate pullout” resolution that the Republicans called for a vote for on Friday. Maybe it was a political stunt; if so, they should be ashamed of themselves. If it was legitimate, someone had better explain it. I don’t trust the media’s reporting of it, so I can’t say for sure whether it was a stunt or not; it was certainly odd enough to deserve some explanation.

Iraq is a serious issue, deserving of serious consideration; it should not be used as a weapon in a political battle, like children are sometimes used in a nasty divorce. If Murtha’s contentions are true – that the commanders in Iraq only say what the administration want them to – we need to know that. It doesn’t sound likely, but of all of the Democrats, Murtha’s opinions carry more weight because he’s not been one of the “wackos.” We need to know – the truth is always good, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat.

Again, I’m not necessarily buying the media’s take on things (surprise, surprise!), as they only filter through what they want, and it’s often imcomplete and out of context. But, whatever the case, it’s time we end this partisan crap and start talking and acting like adults. If you want to play politics, do it with your own careers – don’t do it with our soldiers’ lives.

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