Let’s be thankful!

Yeah, yeah, I know… how original. This is Thanksgiving, after all. But, I’m just aware of how thankful I am – or should be – considering my relative state of well-being.

It’s true that I’m not rich, I’m not all that good-looking, and I’ve got my share of health issues. I worry too much, and often don’t take advantage of the opportunities I have.

On the other hand, in spite of not being good-looking, I have an absolutely wonderful and gorgeous wife and I’m still in love after 22 years of marriage. I love and enjoy my kids, and am very proud of each of them. And, my kids like and enjoy each other.

In spite of not being wealthy, we have a very, very, very fine house (with only one cat) and at the moment, a very fine-looking turkey in the oven. Hunger is definitely not on my list of problems.

My in-laws are visiting us for Thanksgiving. I like them, and look forward to their visits. Soon, my mom and sister will come for Christmas, and we’ll give each other gifts we don’t really need, and eat too much.

I have a good job, which I usually like. At the moment, having just switched positions, I am really enjoying my job, and am more relaxed than I’ve been in several years.

My house hasn’t been destroyed by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. At the moment, anyway, my roof doesn’t leak.

Generally, we’re all fairly healthy.

There’s no war in Oregon (except for the occasional air-soft battles in our back yard or on the x-box).

Life is so good, I could start to feel guilty – but, that serves no purpose. Instead, I’ll just be thankful.

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  1. micah says:

    hey alden! nice to see your blog up and going. hope you got my e-mail if not here is a “what’s up” for ya here! hope all is well and to hear from you soon and hopefully sometime in the near future see ya’all! peace and love!

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