CD of the year: David Gilmour’s On An Island

Okay, it’s only the 1st quarter of 2006, but David Gilmour’s On An Island is without a doubt the best CD of the year. I haven’t been so overwhelmed with a CD since … well, I can’t remember when. Maybe since Dark Side ….

On An IslandFor those of you who don’t know who he is, David Gilmour is best known as the guitarist and vocalist for Pink Floyd – you’ll probably remember Money, if nothing else. From listening to this CD, it’s quite obvious that Gilmour has also been one of Pink Floyd’s primary musical architects. It impossible not to hear Pink Floyd here, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s just Gilmour being Gilmour.

You’ll undoubtedly hear the title cut all over the radio soon, if you haven’t already, which features Gilmour’s classic guitar playing, plus harmonies by David Crosby and Graham Nash. The CD also includes a bit of Gilmour on saxophone, some nice string arrangements, and of course, more of Gilmour’s extraordinary guitar work.

It’s fairly mellow, but there are a couple of tracks that show a little different side of Mr. Gilmour, such as “Take A Breath” and especially, “This Heaven,” which is a semi-acoustic bluesy number that reminds me a lot of Bruce Cockburn, including the lyrics:

So break the bread and pour the wine
I need no blessings but I’m counting mine
Like is much more than money buys
When I see the faith in my children’s eyes

There’s also a surprising, quiet little McCartney-ish love song, that I really enjoy. It’s all very, very nice. If you’re a fan of Gilmour, or of Pink Floyd, you’ll love this CD. Trust me.

The CD case is also great – it’s a little book, with the CD at the back, almost like an afterthought. My guess it’ll win some design awards. Check out behind-the-scenes clip at Amazon, and Gilmour’s website,

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