Bring Bing back home!

Bing Haubrich (son of my friend Mike) has made new friends in Japan, but they want to keep him there. In fact, they have threatened to hold him for ransom unless his American friends and family do two things:

1. Answer questions about Japan/Nippon culture and cuisine.

2. Donate money to help his mother pay the plane fare for his trip.

It’s tempting for a young man to stay in Japan, because so far he has found the food to be awesome and the shopping (even in vending machines) to be, let’s say, “unique.” In fact, the Japanese students think that if he stays long enough he could use his ninja powers to be Emperor someday. I don’t think that this would be a good thing for world peace, as Bing has not worked out his “Megalomania” issues and bad things could happen.

So, here is one of the questions that they want you to answer:

2. In a Japanese restaurant, how long are you going to wait for service from your server?

a. No wait. The server will be at your table immediately.
b. Five minutes, as the custom is to allow the patrons to settle before ordering.
c. No wait if you tip the host/hostess before seating.
d. Until you shout “Sumimasen!” moderately loud. Don’t wait all night.

Go here to answer the questions.

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2 Responses to Bring Bing back home!

  1. Steve Martin says:

    What a great experience for a young man to have!

    Good job, Alden!

    Good job, Mike, for raising such an adventerous and intellingent young man!


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