Announcing kroc: the klassic roc blog

As my faithful readers know, for some time I’ve written here about relatively tame issues like religion, politics and intelligent design. So, I figure it’s about time to deal with some more controversial issues, and decided I’d jump in to the hotbed of contention that is classic rock music.

I know, I’m probably crazy, but I figure I only live twice. So, if you dare, come join me in my newest venture, kroc: Alden’s Klassic Roc Blog. I’ll be discussing all the greats (in my opinion), and I dare you to challenge me. C’mon, I dare you.

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One Response to Announcing kroc: the klassic roc blog

  1. Quixote says:

    “krok” is probably the greatest classic rock and roll blog there is. It’s hip. It’s deep. It’s knowledgeable. Alden’s the insider’s insider. He’s got connections to the greatest rock and roll icons in the business. Even religious rock gods like Larry Norman listen to what Alden has to say. Alden knows guys who have even talked to Alice Cooper in the airport. I’m telling you, “kroc” is the greatest contribution to rock history and culture since he started it.

    Alden is that very rare individual who can be considered a genuine philosopher of rock. If he likes something, you’d be stupid not to. And if he dismisses it, you’d better trash your LP or CD. Alden’s that good.

    “kroc” is the best argument for classic rock’s continuing influence among those who are only a handful of years away from retirement. Rock on, Alden. Rock on.

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