What did I tell you? Critics pan Da Vinci

A few weeks ago, I blogged a little about The Da Vinci Code, mentioning specifically that:

  • The main character had no depth, and Tom Hanks didn’t have the personality to give it any
  • Ian McKellen would “rule the movie”

From what I’ve read in various reviews of the movie, I was “spot on,” as the British would say. Apparently there is agreement that Hanks’ character was flat, and the movie was better when he wasn’t in it. And, Ian McKellen indeed steals the film.

Apparently Ron Howard couldn’t pull this one off; from what I’ve read, it seems that the movie tends to accentuate the book’s shortcomings. If nothing else, it will perhaps allow those Christians who were afraid of the movie to relax a bit. I’ll still probably go see it, just to see Ian McKellen.

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