Today’s Thoughts: Vote for Elliot, the Year of the Dog, and the abuse of the 2-second delay

I have nothing really important to say, except that certain people give me a hard time when I don’t have something new every day, so “this one’s for you.”

Actually, this is important: My son, Elliot, is in a t-shirt design contest, and at the moment has a very slim lead. So, go to and vote for him (“PanicFactor“).

On a completely different note, this weekend I happened to drive by this Chinese restaurant that has a fairly large sign out front where you can change the letters, like some churches have. It said:

Chinese New Year’s Special!
New Menu Items
The Year of the Dog

I’m thinking perhaps I’ll wait until the year of the chicken…

And, last but not least, did you happen to catch the Stones at half-time yesterday? I wasn’t watching, but heard them from the other room. So much for aging gracefully. You’d think perhaps they would have practiced for a gig like that. It kind of makes you appreciate lip-synchers.

But, here’s the strangest thing about the Stones’ appearance: they had apparently agreed with ABC that there’d be a time-delay and bleep-control, and it seems to me that they purposefully included words that they knew would be bleeped. What’s the deal – was this the Stones’ statement in favor of censorship? Or, are they so old that they now have to conspire with corporate America to stage a phony faux pas to try to maintain their bad-boy image? Either way, the whole thing was pretty sad.

Have a great day.
(and remember to vote for Elliot!)

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