The Politics of Desperation

What in the world is Harry Reid up to? Today, for no real reason, he forced the Senate into a secret session. He then claimed “victory” for the Democrats by getting the Republicans, in the words of Senator Pat Roberts, “to do what we already agreed to do.” So what? The whole prewar intelligence investigation is just a red herring anyway – I certainly remember the reasons we went into Iraq (from listening to NPR, no less).

But, here’s the deal: the whole political game is about control, and the Democrats currently have none of it. They’ve lost the Executive and Legislative branches, and now they stand to lose the Judicial (the biggest loss of all). While Miers was in play, they at least had hope – with this new nomination, they have nothing.

Nothing, that is, except for huffing and puffing and games like this. It appears that they even stand to lose the media – they’re even backing away from Reid’s little play today, similar to how they backed away from Clinton.

Reid may have stepped over the line, and may have also served to unite and motivate the Republicans into action. I have a feeling that the gloves will be coming off, and we may see the Republicans actually acting like they are, in fact, the majority party.

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