The Daniel Amos Chronicles

I live in my room, it’s warm here in my room
World is spinning, spinning like a big top
I have got a secret, I will slip it
Under the door, slip it to this wicked wicked world

My Room – Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1981 Paragon Music Corp./ASCAP

You may or not be familiar with the band Daniel Amos, probably the most “edgy” of the Christian bands to come out of the Jesus Movement in the 70’s. Starting out as a country-rock quartet, by the early 80’s they were anything but a country band, cranking out some great alternative rock (back then, it was called “new wave”).

Besides the fact that they were great musically, Terry Taylor’s lyrics were not your typical, syrupy, “pop” lyrics. In fact, there’s a good chance that there’s something there to offend (or at least challenge) everyone.

I’ve lately been re-listening to 2 of the 4 “Alarma Chronicles” albums, and have been struck by their continued relevance. So, a new series of posts will offer reflections on “my own personal religion” as inspired by Daniel Amos.

The concept of “my own personal religion” is summed up very nicely by the song “My Room,” which really needs no further commentary.

There’s many little rooms, with people like me
We often get together, in a bigger room
We harmonize, we harmonize
We know it’s real, we know it’s real

So until next time, I sit in my little room, slipping truth under the door…

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  1. Quixote says:

    Being the rebel that you are, you probably got sent to your room.

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