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Good News for Anxious Christians pt 3

The first 4 chapters of Anxious Christians deals with what Cary calls “the core of what is distinctive about the new evangelical theology.” When Cary refers to “new evangelical theology,” he is referring to an approach to spirituality and thinking … Continue reading

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Review: Waiting for Superman

This past weekend I went to see Waiting for Superman, the documentary about the failing American public school system. Knowing that the director also did Al Gore’s movie, I was fully prepared to by irritated by gaps in logic and … Continue reading

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Review: Imaginary Jesus

I’m part of the Ooze Viral Bloggers, a random group of bloggers who have the opportunity to get a few books for free in exchange for writing reviews.  I don’t do it a lot, because to be honest, many of … Continue reading

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Review: Todd Hunter’s Giving Church Another Chance

Todd Hunter’s Giving Church Another Chance is an interesting—and perhaps brilliant—little book. I am sure that this is not everything that Todd Hunter could say on the subjects of church, liturgy and life, but he says just enough to make … Continue reading

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