Rob Bell’s confession of faith

This is worth sharing, considering all of the hoopla about Rob Bell’s book Love Wins:

Thanks to Scot McKnight for sharing this.

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2 Responses to Rob Bell’s confession of faith

  1. me says:

    I am surprised by his apparent inability to communicate clearly. I had assumed that’s what made his videos so popular (though I’ve never seen them).

  2. Fred says:

    Mr. Bell’s confession here may be orthodox-legit, but it seems to me that if clarity is a virtue, then the confusion surrounding his book is a huge problem in communicating the Gospel. If Rob is orthodox and a good communicator (and he may be both), then the troubling ambiguities of his book for so many suggest a serious failure on his part. Or, as some very sharp commentators and interviewers have proposed, perhaps Mr. Bell is fuzzy on purpose in order, as one interviewer charged him point-blank, to make “the Gospel more palatable”?

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