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Today I found this site that analyzes and determines the reading level of blogs. As you can see from the box at the left, this blog has been rated at a High School level. If I recall, the average news reporting is at a 5th grade level, so I feel sufficiently erudite.

I input a few other blogs to see where they were rated. I found several that I read are also rated “high school,” although not all. One came up as Junior High, and a couple, one of which is one of the more popular evolutionist sites, was rated Elementary school. I only found one college-rated blog.

Again, I’m sure this is highly scientific. At least that’s what I’ll choose to believe.

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  1. I wonder if it does take a quick look at the metadata, and base its response on some sort of analysis of the keywords and keyphrases. Point taken about “random” and “design.”

    I should throw in some fancy words here to re-up your ranking?

    Um, prestidigitation, mastication, variegated empathetic differentials (hey post-modernism is easy.)

  2. me says:

    No computer program is completely random, of course (as they are all products of “design” and have to follow some programmed parameters), but you’re probably right that the results probably bear little or no correlation to the website’s content. Otherwise, it appears that the addition of your comments lowered my ranking to Junior High! 😉

    And, bottom line, it’s an ad site. The html for the little box appearing above had links to some unrelated site, but I cleverly deleted those.

  3. One last comment. Apparently UD had run “ which is a parked domain site, and not actually The Panda’s Thumb. The site that creationists hate is at

  4. I just went back and checked Panda’s Thumb and it came back PostGrad, which confirms my hypothesis that the responses are random.

  5. I think that it is random. I got the same result as John Wilkins. Did you notice how quickly the response returned? Oh, mine was rated the same as yours.

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