PZ Myers on “Playing God” & support for ID

I just had to toss this in… I just ran across Myers’ May 30 post, Playing God, in which he discusses a Newsweek article on recent efforts to create life in the laboratory. Myers says:

These fellows and others are confident (and rightfully so, I say) that they’ll soon be able to take advantage of molecular technology to build a microorganism from scratch: type a desired sequence into the computer controlling the DNA synthesizer, load up the device with some A, T, C, and G and a set of enzymes, press a button, and a little later you’ve got strands of DNA with your genes written onto them.

And, Myers concludes: “It’s physics and chemistry. Get the recipe right, and that’s all that matters.

This certainly sounds like Intelligent Design to me, which is possibly why he titled his post Playing God. Unless, of course, he is implying that the biologists working on these projects are non-intelligent beings. 😉

I will say that occasionally Myers at least shows signs of a good sense of humor.

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One Response to PZ Myers on “Playing God” & support for ID

  1. onein6billion says:

    “This certainly sounds like Intelligent Design to me”

    Absolutely correct. You should read the YEC posts where evolution is denied BECAUSE humans cannot do this yet.

    And why does he call it “Playing God”? Because it’s one thing that anti-evolutionists have claimed that their god can do that humans can’t do.

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