“Nobelists” who believe in God

Here’s an interesting site, billed as a free “e-book” (I don’t know what makes it an e-book as opposed to a website, but whatever…), nobelists.net. I guess the difference is that the book of which the site consists is titled 50 Nobel Laureates and Other Great Scientists Who Believe in God (catchy title, eh?). It is, as the site indicates, an anthology of quotations from 50 scientist “biggies” concerning God.

I mention this primarily because it’s interesting, not that I’m trying to make any argument from authority to prove God’s existence. The list of folks quoted include such biggies as Einstein (many will scream at the proposition that he believed in God), Max Planck, Heisenberg (of the uncertainty principle), and Schroedinger (of the “cat”), as well as old-timers like Pascal and Bacon (not Kevin). If nothing else, this will be an invaluable resource for quote-mining 😉 (which, by the way, merely means to quote someone to support your point).

Now, I’m not claiming that these folks were all Theists. Some may have been Diests or even Panentheists. However, the quotes are what they are, and it makes for some interesting reading, and may prompt someone to read further to be able to put the quotes in context. That’s not a bad thing.

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