No time …

Distant roads are calling me… – The Guess Who

I’ve so many things to put down in ones and zeros, but just haven’t had the time, with too many demands pulling me in different directions. But, it works well for you, for I’ve got some great links for you instead of my own self-indulgent ruminatings. I am fortunate to have some friends who are better writers than me, and it is my distinct pleasure to highlight a couple of them now.

My friend Mike has an article on racial profiling, appearing on the American Chronicle site. It’s both well-written and insightful, and you can hardly tell that he’s a liberal. 😉

He’s also got some great stuff on his own blog (he’s the Tangled Up In Blue Guy), especially a couple of recent posts on his journey from Christianity to atheism. Check out Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Then, just poke around and read some other stuff.

Then, take a look at my favorite Totally Baked writer, Quixote’s latest thoughts on Christianity vs America (or the other way around), something we should all be thinking about, all of the time…

I’ll also throw a quick plug in for my son, Elliot, who is interviewed here on current trends in web design.

There, that should keep you busy, and now I don’t feel so bad for not having the time to write down all of the good stuff bouncing around my head (sometimes I wish it would stop, it keeps me awake….).

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2 Responses to No time …

  1. Perhaps we could start up a Carnival of our own, not necessarily on a particular ideology but perhaps a “Carnival of the Thoughtful With Good Taste in Music.”

    Thanks for the refs, Alden.

  2. Quixote says:

    I’m honored. A 50 bucks well spent.

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