My New Year’s Resolution

I know, I’m a few days early, but I’m already feeling guilty about not writing as often as I should. I resolve to write more. I do.

Actually, I’m just finishing up a study guide to The Gospel Uncensored, after which I can divert attention to new and exciting topics. I have a few in mind, including a plan to continue with my This I Know series.  If you have any other suggestions, feel free to suggest them.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday (I can say “Christmas” here, as I’ve never pretended to be politically correct), and wish you a happy changing of the calendar.

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One Response to My New Year’s Resolution

  1. Mike Haubrich says:

    Happy New Year, Alden. I resolve to keep in better touch.

    And I say Merry Christmas, too, for a few reasons.

    1. I don’t freak out about the names of days based on mythology. I can say “Happy Friday” without worrying that people think that I am follow the Norse Gods and Goddesses.

    Happy Thor’s Day, don’t get hammered. (haha)

    2. It’s the name of the day on the calendar, and like it or not it is as much a secular as religious holiday with many roots that far pre-date Christianity.

    I also say Happy Holidays, because there are other celebrations going on in this time period, too, and when I was a kid I always thought of Christmas and New Year’s Day as a pair. The toys hadn’t been broken yet, and the Christmas sweaters had only been laundered once since Christmas.

    There is much ado about nothing, in my opinion, in the War on Christmas. It only serves to make culture warriors like Bill O’Reilly (and the rest of the cranks of Faux News) look like whiny fools. All the more.

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