Managing Conflict For Church Boards & Committees

From my Conflict blog:

We all agree that bad conflict is destructive.  An apparent lack of conflict is also destructive, because there really is no lack of conflict. It’s either open and obvious, or it’s hidden; and hidden conflict is, in my opinion, far more destructive.  How many people disappear from churches for no apparent reason?  Truth is, there’s always a reason, and typically it’s an issue of unresolved conflict (although certainly that’s not always the case).  As someone once said, “wherever two or more are gathered, there is conflict.”  Conflict is a fact of life, as long as we are imperfect beings. Rather than ignore this fact, as many churches tend to do, the best case scenario would seem to be to put conflict front and center, but make it good conflict rather than bad.

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2 Responses to Managing Conflict For Church Boards & Committees

  1. I agree with you except that I would substitute the word “organizations” for the word “churches.” I don’t think churches are at all unique in needing to recognize this.

    • me says:

      True, except that as I explained in a prior article, certain teachings in some churches (and cults) make the potential for abusive leadership greater (e.g. “God told me…”).

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