John Kerry: Keeping the Entertainment Value in Politics

It’s obvious every time the man opens his mouth, that John Kerry hasn’t a clue. I don’t know how in the world he got as far in life as he did in politics, but it seems pretty obvious that his “15 minutes” are over – obvious to everyone but him, that is.

I’ve heard rumors that he still has some plans for another Presidential bid, not that he’d even get minimal support from his own party. Actually, it would be kind of fun to see Kerry and Hillary against each other in the primaries – very, very much fun, in fact. Politics has, for the moment, pretty much lost its entertainment value, and we do need to get that back. What is politics for, anyway, unless we can be entertained by it?

One of these days I’ll let you in on my theory about what the real Democrats are up to. By real Democrats, I mean the ones who really have the power, and the brains. If you’re wondering who that might be, I’ll give you a clue: it’s not Howard Dean, or Nancy Pelosi, or any past writer for Saturday Night Live.

I also have a theory about why liberals and conservatives very rarely really communicate. Have you ever noticed that they talk past each other, with neither side seeming to understand what the other side is saying? If they could communicate, then something might get accomplished. But, as I think about it … perhaps the miscommunication is what keeps us safe. Perhaps we don’t want politicians accomplishing anything – that could be dangerous. It’s the Tower of Babel principle …

So, on second thought, perhaps I should keep my theories to myself.

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