I’ve joined the Chris Sligh fan club

Okay, I know I’m over 50 and am a little old to start joining fan clubs, and I’m far to serious, responsible, overworked and all that to spend my time watching American Idol. But, my family got me hooked at the end of last season, and while I had no intention of getting into the habit of watching anywhere near this much TV, here I am, to another show this evening. Of course, most of the time I just listen – there’s a TV that sits behind me in my “office” and most of the time I just listen while I work late… When I do sit down to just watch, it’s because it is a rare “family moment.” It’s one of the rare things we’ve found that we all enjoy.

Early on this season the whole family was captivated by this round-faced, curly-haired guy with an incredible sense of humor, and unlike most of the characters we saw, he actually could sing! Now that he’s in the top 20 (4 were bumped last week), he’s progressed from being “that curly-haired guy” to simply Chris Sligh.

Thanks to my son, Elliot, we learned a number of things about Chris:

  1. He’s a worship leader at his church
  2. He’s got a band
  3. He’s got a really good band called “Half Past Forever” with a CD coming out March 8
  4. He’s an incredible singer and songwriter
  5. He’s a rabid blogger, with too many sites to keep track of
  6. He’s a seriously deep thinker and very committed Christian

Now that Chris is on American Idol, he’s had to officially leave the band, even though he wrote and sang and played guitar on all of the songs on their CD, which can still be released because he’s no longer in the band. Go figure.

If you are interested, check out Half Past Forever’s MySpace page, which contains 4 of their songs. The first song that I heard was “In a Moment” and I was totally blown away. The song is, in my not-so-humble opinion, absolutely incredible. I think that it beats, hands down, any of the American Idol-produced songs from last year (as much as I like Chris Daughtry). This song is still my favorite, although I’ve liked everything I’ve heard. There are 4 additional songs available at MySpace.com/HalfPastForeverEdge.

Their sound is reminiscent (to me) of Switchfoot (with better vocals), Foo Fighters or Lifehouse, and the lyrics are equally as deep. I don’t think I’ve been looking forward to buying an album since George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass.”

So, check them out. And, check out the serious side of Chris Sligh, here.

At this point, I’m not sure winning American Idol is the best thing for him, but it may be the best thing for the show.

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11 Responses to I’ve joined the Chris Sligh fan club

  1. me says:

    By “the enemy” I presume you’re speaking of the RIAA?

  2. eutychus says:

    tragic. as a Christian i have to say that “half past forever” is the kind of pseudo-artistic evangelical bullshit that makes it difficult for me to say that i am Christian. it’s crap folks. it’s sentimental, it’s american cultural Christianity, naive, mediocre, here today, gone tomorrow. it lacks the depth of Christ. media culture is controlled by the enemy. just the fact that chris left the band to go on American Idol is enough of an indictment of his character and faith.

  3. While this reference is unlikely to get me to watch American Idol I especially enjoyed his post about Absolute Certain Knowledge (Weight Loss 101.) I hesitate to praise him too much, however, because I don’t want his enemies to attack him with ad hominems regarding support from atheists. 🙂

  4. I adored Chris tonight!! 100% behind him 🙂


  5. dorrie says:

    Yes, I was speaking figuratively too…..but I have to say that Chris rocked it tonight with his performance. Chris Richardson and Sundance Head did pretty awesome too.

  6. me says:

    Of course, you all know that I meant “joined the Chris Sligh fan club” figuratively …

  7. Dorrie says:

    I haven’t joined the Chris Sligh fan club yet but I may. I love HalfPastForever’s music. I’ll definitely be buying that album when it’s released. By the way, I’m 45 so I guess it’s true that music doesn’t know age.

    And, I have to agree with Kay. I like the “Know” the best (at least so far).

    I hope Chris does well tonight although I also think it may not be best for him to win. Then American Idol will try to mold him into what they want instead of letting him be himself.

  8. me says:

    Yeah, Daughtry seems to be a pretty sharp, level-headed guy. I doubt he could pull off “Kiss from a Rose” but I like him anyway…

    (by the way, that Seal CD is one of my all-time favorites.)

  9. Ken says:

    Interesting, I was watching American Idol, listened to him interviewing and thought “this guy is funny what is he doing on a singing competition”, then I heard him sing and thought, “what the heck just came out of that guy’s mouth?” He’s good! I mean after all I think he tackled Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose”? Come on!! That’s insane, but he pulled it off!
    (I immediately fell in love)
    The look and the voice just didn’t fit which made it a little surealistic.
    He’s sharp!

    Side note: Chris Daughtry made a real good decision by not signing with Fuel. Solo was a much better decision.

  10. me says:

    I have- I like that one, too (but “In a Moment” is still my fav.)

  11. You should hear the song “Know” 😉

    Kay from http://www.chris-sligh.info

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