It’s Hallowmeme!

I’ve always loved horror movies, and still do (rent 1408 if you haven’t already). So, when my friend Mike tagged me with the Hallowmeme, I couldn’t resist. (A meme in blog-talk is kind of like a chain letter, without the curse attached.)

The Hallowmeme is to show a trailer from a horror movie from your childhood. In my case, the difficulty was deciding which one… every Halloween the Hallock City Hall was open for a big Halloween party, which included witches stirring cauldrons of something, candy, games, and short versions of the then-classic horror films like Frankenstein or Bella Lugosi’s Dracula. But, my favorite horror flicks were the ones they used to show on Saturday afternoons on one of our 2 or 3 area TV stations. I never knew if the films were in color or black and white, as all we had was an old B&W set. That, along with the bad reception that we were used to in those days, made everything seem just a little bit scarier.

One of the big special effects in use in the 50’s was to take something small and blow it up to gigantic size, so we had movies about giant bugs and anything else that would be scary in large sizes. One of my favorites was The Amazing Colossal Man, which was more of a sci-fi than a pure horror flick, but had the same “attack of the giant ” theme. One of my all-time favorite giant bug movies has to be Them!:


But, my selection for a true horror flick is none other than The Blob, starring a young and then unkown Steve McQueen:


Be afraid… be very afraid…

Now, who shall I tag?

accidental procrastination
Michael Krahn

That’s enough.

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  1. Ahh! The Blob! Maybe the updated version could be The Blog! It consumes all your time without mercy!

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