I used to be from Minnesota

I used to be from Minnesota. I probably shouldn’t admit that, but I do… However, I don’t think I ever voted there (maybe once?), so I guess I don’t feel responsible for Minnesota politics.

I happened to catch Jesse “the Body” Ventura on Larry King a moment ago. Apparently he’s not running for Minnesota State Senator, but he’s leading Al Franken, who really is running.  What a weird state.  Of course, I can’t imagine Al Franken as a serious politician, even in Minnesota. Even after Jesse Ventura. Or after Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale.  Of course, I live in Oregon, so I can’t brag. We’re so lazy here that we all mail in our ballots days early, just so we can stop paying attention to the political ads.

I did think Ventura was kind of a kick as governor, especially as he wasn’t my governor. However, hearing him on Larry King tonite reminded me of just how ignorant the man really is. It’s kind of funny that he says what he thinks, but then you realize that this is what he really thinks! He was making fun of Bush praying before his decision to to into Iraq.  I don’t know that Bush ever said that God told him to invade Iraq, only that he had prayed about it. I appreciate that – I don’t for a moment think that it was an easy call for Bush, and those who do think that are just plain idiots. No one makes a decision like that – even from a career standpoint – without giving it a lot of thought, and often, prayer.

Ventura, though, is too smart for that, saying that in his nearly 57 years, God has never spoken to him. As my favorite rabbit would say, “what a maroon.” Jesse, you may have never spoken to God, but if you’ve never heard Him speak (in the land of 10,000 lakes, yet!), you just weren’t listening.

He did make one sensible comment though:

“I think that bodes very badly for the Democrats in the fact that you have an unpopular president, a more unpopular Congress and a senator in lockstep with this president and now you have a third party candidate who hasn’t announced and you have fallen behind him. I think the Democrats are in some serious trouble.”

But, today is apparently the last day to file, and it appears that Franken’s lack of success has awakened hope in a number of would-be contenders.  So who will it be?  Another pro wrestler?  Another comedian?  Maybe a real politician who wants withdraw yesterday from Iraq and raise taxes??  Or, perhaps a retired hockey player whose campaign will focus on bringing pro hockey back to the Gopher State? I think he’d get my vote.

Ah, but it’s all good fun, as they say…

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  1. I think that the big problem with the Democrats is that they have been showing that with all his stupidity and his faults and his illegal actions, they are still afraid of going after George Bush. They capitulate and they let things lie. If they would show some spine, then their numbers would pick up.

    And yes, it’s easy to get a kick out of Jesse when he isn’t your governor and you can watch from a distance. I mean, come one, XFL?

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