Homeland Insecurity

If I didn’t know that there was a God, I’d be really, really afraid at what Obama and his crew are up to, and what it’s doing to the country.  But, unlike the millions of unthinking people who have put their hope in the psuedo-messiah, I do have faith in a higher power (one which the Big O seems reluctant to acknowledge, now that he’s been elected).

I do think that “faith” is the right word to describe O’s following.  With the economy tanking, people losing jobs (of which I am one, by the way), and national security always an issue, I do believe millions of people have put an irrational faith in the O, as a defense against despondency and panic.  I can’t help but draw parallels between Obama’s meteoric rise to power and that of another.

Here’s some of O’s “accomplishments” in his first few months in office:

  • Signed the largest spending bill in U.S. history, (creating many times more debt than Bush did in all 8 years in office)
  • Bowed to foreign leaders
  • Apologized to foreign leaders for America’s arrogance (ironic?)
  • Met and tried to make friends with every wacko leader and dictator he could find (including one who has called O an ignoramus)
  • Announced plans for nuclear disarmament on the same day that North Korea test launches one of theirs
  • Oh yeah, appointed a slough of tax evaders to his cabinet
  • Made Georgetown, a Catholic University, cover up the “IHS” (the first 3 letters of Jesus in Greek) so it wouldn’t be seen while he was speaking.

There’s more, but you know that.  Many of those who voted for Obama-Biden joined in the April 15 Tea Parties (although the “faithful” did their best to portray those attending as racist, redneck morons). Now, we have the Department of Homeland Security’s new report, warning local law enforcement agencies to be on the watch for right-wing terrorists.  This, by the way, from Janet Napolitano, who has refused to say anything publically about “Muslim terrorists” as not to be politically incorrect.

So, who are these right-wing terrorists?  None other than returning soldiers from Iraq, pro-lifers, those concerning with illegal immigration, and those who favor state-rights over Federal rights.


I’m starting to miss Bill Clinton.  At least he wasn’t naive.   Thinking of Obama and Napolitano as naive and foolish is actually giving them the benefit of the doubt; the alternative is more frightening.  But, what I really fear is that if Obama and Co. continue this course of conduct, it will prompt rebellion; in that, the Homeland Security report is probably correct. The Administration can only push people so far before something snaps.  Clinton understood this, and quickly took a more centrist position.  I don’t know that the O is perceptive enough to realize this, or that he cares; I’m hoping he is.

We are undoubtedly in a state of national insecurity; the general populace is insecure about the economy, the national debt, and the real terrorists – the ones with psychotic leaders and WOMDs.  The Administration appears insecure about our own people.  This could be a problem.

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3 Responses to Homeland Insecurity

  1. Fred says:

    I sense a little dissatisfaction.

    • me says:

      Not only am I one of the 45% of Americans who don’t approve of Obama’s policies so far, I also fall in the 21% of those who don’t think that in spite of his incompetence, he’s still a really cool guy.

  2. Steve Martin says:

    I never thought I would miss Bill Clinton. He looks like Ronald Reagan compared to this guy.

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