Feedback on my book from The Writer’s Edge

The Writer’s Edge is a service which reviews manuscripts and qualifies them as “publishable.”  If a manuscript passes their review process, it is submitted in a publication which goes to 75 publishers, including most of the big houses I’m interested in. For many publishers, this is the only way they will take a look at unrepresented new authors. So, I was encouraged today to find that they have accepted my book for inclusion in their newsletter.

The book, by the way, is based on a sermon series by Ken Blue on the topic “Freedom in Christ,” primarily using Paul’s letter to the Galatians as the text.  The book is tentatively titled, Set Free to Live Free – Good News for People Tired of Religion. I’m not yet happy with the title, but I am happy with the book.

They also provided some specific feedback:

You have developed an interesting, readable manuscript on an important topic. The opening story is compelling and will engage readers, many of whom will relate to your experience. Publishers will appreciate your careful use of Scripture as well as your strong combined ministry and writing credentials. The manuscript is well written and carefully organized.

So, I’m pleased and moderately encouraged (I was rejected yesterday by one major publisher).

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  2. Steve Martin says:

    It sounds like you have got something there, Alden.

    I’ll pray that it is published soon and that it will help people to understand the freedom that Christ has so dearly purchased for them on the cross.


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