Evangelical Estrangement

Even though I was never truly one of “those” evangelicals (I always held to the Lutheran definition), I resonated with a number of things in a post I read today entitled, “Dear Evangelicalism: I Don’t Think This Relationship Is Going To Work.”

I do not share a number of the author’s opinions, such as that evangelicals are obsessed with guns or that only conservatives are obsessed with power and control. And, I’m not sure that I could say that it’s not what evangelicals believe (I generally consider myself an Episco-Lutheran).  But, he touches on a number of shared concerns, or at least issues that I have chosen to challenge myself with, such as the places of women in church, and the church’s belief that the only sins that count in America are not being Republican and not being straight (yes, this is hyperbole. Unfortunately, I’m aware that I must label my literary devices).

2014 is going to be a challenge

2014 is going to be a challenge with respect to my interactions with the evangelical church. I’d like to find a church to become involved in, but I have disagreements in so many areas (baptism, communion, cultural attitudes), that it becomes difficult. I  am, however, firmly committed to the Gospel of salvation by grace and not by works, and think I could deal with a lot of secondary disagreements. To start off my challenging year, I’m reading “Pastrix,” which I’ll comment on down the road. Talk about challenging your belief in grace…


I’d love to hear some discussion on the linked article, if you’re inclined.  Like I said, I agree with some points and differ on others, but appreciate the article as a launching point for contemplation and discussion.

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  1. me says:

    I have been purposefully avoiding the “Christian hip” books; I’ve had enough of the Anne Lamott “I can swear and still be a Christian” books and the emergent crap. But, I was drawn first to Bolz-Weber’s book because I know the person who designed her book cover, and then by being impressed by a number of her short but powerful sermons and her firm grasp on the Gospel.

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