Demetri Martin has A Rare Condition

Okay, so this isn’t the promised “Daniel Amos Chronicles” post either. But, this is more pressing (and takes less thought).

Demetri Martin is fast becoming our favorite comedian; the hundred or so clips of him that you can find on You Tube are hilarious. Now, he’s doing an internet serial (that is, a series of “webisodes”) at It takes a minute or 2 to load, but it’s worth the wait. You can listen to the virtual Demetri ramble awhile, or just click on “Episodes” and choose the 1st on the list, A Rare Condition. Again, it will take a while to load, but it’s worth it. And, it’s only about 5 minutes long.

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  1. Comedian Demtri Martin made his debut online with a webisode on his website Clearification. The 31 year old taps into the humor of Napoleon Dynamite and Wes Anderson. The webisode comes to us courtesy of Windows Vista. His first of many installments is titled “A Rare condition” in which he tells the story of an annoying overachiever whosse world falls apart. I think we all have run into one of those people in our lives. If you haven’t, you’re probably that overachiever that no one likes (lol).

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