A Provocation…

Yesterday I stumbled upon a very aptly-titled blog post: A Provocation: Twelve Myths Too Many Christians Believe, Pt 1. It certainly lives up to it’s name.  The 1st six myths he discusses are:

  1. Christianity is not a religion.
  2. The Bible is the word of God.
  3. The Bible is true because it says it is.
  4. The only marriage espoused by scripture is between one man and one woman.
  5. Everything in the Bible must be literally true, or we should just throw it away.
  6. America is a Christian nation.

Just based on the 6 myth statements, I’m guessing that at least 1/2 of these causes an instant reaction to most of you—I know I reacted to a couple.  But then, I read the explanation, and found that these are all provocative in a good way. The author, David Schell, raises some very interesting points in defense of his list, and he caused me to think, which is what he undoubtedly set out to do.

What do you think?  Feel free to comment on any of these…


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  1. aaron blue says:

    It is sometimes hard for me to believe that people believe myths like these….reminds me how grateful I am that God is not gnostic.

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