A political moment

It is not my intention to spend much time here discussing the election, et al.  However, given the current economic situation and the rhetoric being thrown around, I just want to point out a couple of videos that point out a few important facts that people need to be aware of.  The first is a Fox News report timelining Buch and McCain’s attempts to stop the madness; Bush first warned of the portential crisis in April 2001:

The next is only humorous due to the great music soundtrack that accompanies the information in the video. Even though the video is 9 minutes long, the info passes so quick you might need to pause it a few times so you can actually read what’s being shown. I haven’t fact checked this myself, but I’ve heard much of this information already from reliable sources; and, the video does provide sources along the way. The last bit is a bit too pushy and political for me, but take the info in the video for what it’s worth:

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