Fence Gauche

I read recently that 7 out of the top 16 rated fencers were left-handed. (I should mention here that I will never be one of them.) Fencing is one of the few activities that actually favors lefties. So, I felt that we deserved our own T-shirt design (btw, that’s my hand & foil in the design):

Fence Gauche

The First Thing

I’ve always thought the whole blog thing was kind of cool, and have tried to start one at various times in the past. However, I’ve never had much time for them, and so they just simply disapparated.

So, this is my first semi-serious attempt at blogging. I thought it was a good idea, for several reasons:

  1. I tend to rant in e-mails about a number of things, none of which necessarily fit the context of smallvoices. My rants tend to be some of my best stuff.
  2. I’ve also limited smallvoices to non-political, and mainly spiritual, topics. In my blog I can talk about my cat if I want to.
  3. A blog allows for short blurts (hence the title of the page).
  4. It’s my blog and I can rant if I want to.
  5. I can use the word wacko as many times as I like.
  6. Everybody else has one.

So, thus we have Alden’s Blurt. There will be some really good stuff here.