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More about worship

Go here for part 1. If the main purpose of Lutheran worship is to receive God’s gifts, then it follows that Lutheran worship is Christ-centered. Just take a look at the liturgical orders of service in either of our two … Continue reading

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About Worship

What is worship? As my 11 faithful readers know, I was raised Lutheran. When I was in high school, I remember having friends from more, shall we say, emotional denominations and groups, and remember hearing teachings about “worship” and “praise,” … Continue reading

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Why worship?

I read a very interesting post this weekend at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength that challenges the very core of contemporary church life: worship. If you attend a contemporary-style church, chances are you know that it’s all about the worship.  … Continue reading

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Defining Worship

I’ve written a little about worship in the past. As someone who’s “been around the block” with regard to worship, I have often voiced that much of what happens under the guise of worship is not really worship (and thereby … Continue reading

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